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Data2Discovery is the global leader in applying knowledge graphs, AI & data science to drug discovery. With decades of experience and a platform that includes linked data, graph technologies, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), it is meeting the most important business challenges for the drug discovery industry. 

In collaboration, we partner with companies ready to innovate and use data in an exciting new way.



Everything is connected. The intricacies in our bodies are no different. We are amazing biological entities managed by complex organs, tissues, cells, genes and proteins. When disease strikes, this balance is disrupted; and finding the way to wellness is rarely simple.

Data2Discovery Inc. is pioneering a transformative new big data approach to understand and treat disease by connecting together data in ways never tried before creating new keys to effective disease treatment. By linking diverse datasets from molecule to genome to patient, and applying machine learning patent-pending algorithms, we uncover hidden connections and new insights.

Our unique team brings together experts in drug discovery, medical research, AI/machine learning, data science, and healthcare IT.


Incorporating graph technology and knowledge management with artificial intelligence is driving business operations and impacting decisions.

At Data2Discovery, we use an advanced stack of scalable graph technologies, public and proprietary data sources, patent-pending AI and machine learning, graph mining capabilities, and our extensive experience in linking and mapping data to address our customers biggest problems.

Knowledge creation and association mining via AI and graphs enables the capability to associate related connections and entities with a comprehensive knowledge base. AI using graphs is remarkable not just because of the possibilities it opens up, but also because of its practicality. The confluence of knowledge via machine learning, graph databases, and big data provide the ability to see links between objects, and quantifies the likelihood of their occurrence. This is impossible to achieve efficiently with legacy relational database technologies.

We believe our AI-driven and graph analytics approach will transform business operations and analytics.