How Knowledge Graphs Will Transform Drug Discovery

It’s time to get serious about knowledge graphs in drug discovery. If depressing projections are to be believed (and there is strong support that they are), the pharmaceutical industry is in a terminal decline, with return on investment (ROI) projected to hit zero by 2020. Pharmaceutical companies have made some heroic efforts to plug the holes in the hull of the Titanic, but the fact remains that the returns on new drugs that do get to market do not justify the massive investments that Pharma currently puts into R&D. Read more to find out how we save drug discovery and get back to helping the patient.

2nd AI-PI: Drug Discovery 2019 Summit

Among other key figures from pharma and biotech companies, Data2Discovery’s president, David Wild, will be giving a talk on: Boosting Machine Learning with Knowledge Graphs & Node Embeddings. David will be presenting three use cases showing how knowledge graphs that integrate multiple datasets can create new insights and potentially significantly improve efficiency and effectiveness of drug discovery.

BioIT World, May 2018

Derek Marren, Research IT Director at Eli Lilly, will be presenting Discovering Unknown Insights: How We Should Be Recycling Data, Not Just Our Trash in the Pharmaceutical R&D Informatics track at BioIT World this month. Come along to learn how Lilly, the Open PHACTS Foundation, and Data2Discovery have collaboratively created an innovative solution to ingest data from disparate sources to form a rich ecosystem leveraging graph databases in an open source environment.