BioIT World, May 2018

Derek Marren, Research IT Director at Eli Lilly, will be presenting Discovering Unknown Insights: How We Should Be Recycling Data, Not Just Our Trash in the Pharmaceutical R&D Informatics track at BioIT World this month. Come along to learn how Lilly, the Open PHACTS Foundation, and Data2Discovery have collaboratively created an innovative solution to ingest data from disparate sources to form a rich ecosystem leveraging graph databases in an open source environment.

Once integrated, this ecosystem will provide benefits to academics and pharmaceutical researchers alike, helping all of us to:

  • Re-use data to reduce time and costs

  • Connect and integrate data to generate new scientific insights

  • Drive towards better medicine

Join us on Thursday, 17 May to learn more, and continue the discussion with team members from Eli Lilly, the Open PHACTS Foundation, and Data2Discovery!